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Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified and dedicated professionals (maritime lawyers, shipping generalists, maritime economics, master mariners, marine engineers) with long lasting expertise in shipping industry.

We especially emphasize our long-term cooperation with our partners Law Office Milosevic, Belgrade highly specialized law firm with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Maritime/Admiralty Law and Marine Insurance.

Moreover, in order to meet the complex and demanding needs of our clients, ABACO collaborates with highly competent professionals such as international law firms, financial and tax advisors, naval architects, marine surveyors. By participating in large number of complex projects our firm has established and maintained good relationship with government and other state authorities.

A vast network of our partners can be used to assist our clients in resolving their difficulties in the most convenient jurisdictions, effectively and efficiently.


Petar Djurovic, LLM in Maritime Law
Managing Partner
E-mail: p.djurovic@abaco.co.me 


Maja Radunovic, LLM in Maritime Law
Maritime Lawyer & Head of Maritime Disputes Resolution Division 
E-mail: m.radunovic@abaco.co.me  


Andjela Novakovic, BSc
Executive Assistant & Head of Ships and Yachts Registration Division 
E-mail: a.novakovic@abaco.co.me   


Vasiliki Papadimitropoulou, BSc 
Head of Administration
E-mail: v.papadim@abaco.co.me