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Having in-depth knowledge of marine insurance claims and insurance theory and practices, with great success and efficiency we represent our clients in court and out of court legal recourse for insurance compensation. We are also acting as external advisors to a number of the world’s largest marine insurers and reinsurers.

It is worth noting that from 1979 until 1990 one of our founders has served as the Head of Marine and Aviation Department of the biggest insurance company in Montenegro insuring more than 40 ocean-going vessels and about 300 small costal craft.

Having extensive experience in marine insurance claims, our team has resolved a great number of marine insurance coverage disputes ranging from small pleasure yachts to common commercial sea-going vessels.

Hence, our team is highly competent in marine insurance law, particularly in the area of damage to vessels and port installations, collision and grounding of vessels and total loss.

If your Insurers have wrongfully denied or devalued your marine insurance claim, we are able and willing to assist you in order to resolve your insurance coverage dispute, effectively and efficiently.